Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trading on Etsy is FUN!

I think I may have discovered a brilliant way to go Christmas shopping on Etsy without spending a dime...TRADING!!! Look at this cute "Pink Retro Oval Clutch" I received in the mail from Chick.Bags on Etsy. I traded a pair of my Vintage Willow Sway earrings for it. Isn’t that so fabulous? If you get a chance, I do recommend visiting her shop. Her bags are so cute and excellent quality (not to mention awesome prices!!!).

Cheers to trading on Etsy for handmade gifts for yourself or your friends!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Basko & Molly

Here are some photos I took this afternoon. Basko and Molly are my little kitties whom I just adore!!! They were enjoying the nice autumn breezes out on the patio this afternoon. Basko is the one on the right. He always takes such good care of you can see, Molly is hiding her head in Basko's lap...too cute! :)