Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love cupcakes

Can you believe it??? Not just an ordinary bakery...a bakery that only bakes cupcakes!!! What a fabulous idea! I had never heard of this place until just recently and I'm so happy to have one downtown!

Yum! I could barely make up my mind but finally went with the "Black Bottom" had cheesecake in the middle! OOhhh...
I think I'll try this one next time. I'm not sure of the flavor but it's pink and who doesn't enjoy eating pink cupcakes...seriously?! ;)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I won this from Roska!

I stumbled upon this Etsy shop called Roska and I ended up winning this fabulous notebook from a giveaway she was having on her blog. She makes these notebooks out of upcycled papers and covers them with her original spirograph drawings. How unique is that?

She also has these Eucalyptus Leaves Notebooks in yellow, blue and pink...Fabulous!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A day at the beach

My sister came to visit for Fourth of July weekend and so we headed to the beach! Even though it was raining (light showers) and windy...That didn't stop us but in fact, kind of made it even more fun! This amazing kite, the largest one I've ever seen, was being flown right over our heads. This kite was so incredibly graceful the way it would swoop down beside us and fly so fast up towards the sky. All of this while hearing the waves crash and feeling the cool salty breeze...Ahhhhh, it was one of my favorite kind of days...a beautiful one indeed!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bits of my weekend

One of my favorite things to do on early Saturday mornings is to go to the Farmers Market downtown. This time my sister accompanied me and I must say, we had a lovely time indeed.
Just walking through all of the vendors booths and "window" shopping is enough to make me happy. Especially when it's a breezy day and there's live music...Just fabulous! It seems tradition now to enjoy a delicious fresh squeezed lemonade and purchase little organic cat-nip pouches for my kitties....Which they destroy in a day because they love them so much!
Don't those fresh flowers & herbs look amazing?!? :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shop for my jewelry at Frumoasa Boutique!

I am so excited to announce that my line of jewelry, Lula, is being sold in Portland, Oregon at a fabulous little shop called Frumoasa Boutique (pronounced "fru-mwa-sa" which means "beauty" in Romanian.) This boutique is so girly and chic and well...Just my style!

Here is a glimpse of some of the fashion goodness you can find at Frumoasa Boutique...

I'm madly in love with those handbags and the
yellow dress too...Just fabulous!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our fabulous honeymoon!

Romance...We spotted it...Lots of it on our honeymoon!
Seriously...The time of our lives! We spent our honeymoon relaxing in warm tropical breezes with our toes sunk deep in the white powdery sand of St. Thomas and St. John. Our beach front resort was absolutely beautiful with breathtaking views of the turquoise Caribbean. We spent our days "Young at Heart" exploring the town and culture of St. Thomas, eating delectable Caribbean cuisine, snorkeling in Trunk Bay (our absolute favorite spot!)... All while enjoying the refreshing and quite tasty "famous" rum runners which are always accompanied with fresh fruit...Just fabulous!

Almost there!!!
This was the view from the plane!

Pulling up to our resort in an open-air taxi !

Right outside of our beach bungalow!

We drank our morning coffee by the sea!

Breathtaking views everywhere!

We explored the island!

We climbed the rocky shore line of the beach!

Just us.

We found this special little restaurant
(Virgilios) tucked away in the town!

The inside of Virgilios was so eclectic with art
hung on every surface of the wall and magnificent
stained glass windows of these dream-like goddesses!
It was too beautiful and interesting not to share!


We went to art galleries!

We went snorkeling in Trunk Bay on St. John!
I can't wait to go back...It's now our most favorite place!

We drank the famous island rum runners
as we relaxed on the beach!

We caught every sunset!

I still can't get over the intense natural beauty
of this place and all of the vibrant colors too!

Waiting for the airport taxi to pick us up.
We were so sad to leave. :(

Goodbye sweet honeymoon!!!
Our vacation dreams did indeed come true! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Wedding!

Our wedding was sweet & simple--classy & elegant! Our closest friends and family gathered for our intimate outdoor wedding overlooking the Wye River (part of the Chesapeake Bay-our hometown) on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Just married...I love how the rose petals are fluttering around us in this photo and the way I'm gleaming at Jono---happiness!

We danced to Frank Sinatra...
"Fairy tales do come true; it can happen to you...if your young at heart...."

Thanks to those dance lessons...Grandma came up to me and said "oh two are just like dancing with the stars!" --Not even close...but thanks Grandma!

We ate the yummiest chocolate cake! The only way I can describe it...
Out of this world---melts in your mouth---I want more--- delicious!

Our friends & family sent us off into the night with sparklers! Perfect!

Thanks for looking! Next...I can't wait to share our photos of our fabulous honeymoon in St. Thomas!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Engagement!

Jono proposed to me on my Birthday last year and 2 days to be exact! He surprised me with a horse drawn carriage ride through our beautiful downtown Charleston, SC. The carriage brought us to the Waterfront Park in Charleston and that's where it happened...looking over the was AMAZING!

It was much more than I could have ever imagined...seriously perfect! When he asked me if I'd marry him (while down on his knee) I happily cried and said "thank you!"...and then I said "Yes!" How funny is that? I wondered about this looking back...why did I blurt out "thank you"...Instead of "yes" or "of course!" Well, I am so incredibly thankful for Jono. For the beautiful person that he is. For being so genuine and friend...soulemate...most loving person who I am so "thankful" and happy for. Thankful for him and everything that he is and thankful for him wanting me and loving me the way that he pure and unconditional.

To my love...thank you!