Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year and Homemade Bread

We had such a wonderful holiday spent right here in Charleston! Seriously, it was terrific & special. Our family was gracious to make the 10 hour plus drive from the North so we could all be together for our favorite time of year.

Goodbye to 2009. I really enjoyed you. Really. You were a memorable year in so many ways {happy & sad} and I will keep the memories close.

So, how did I start the New Year? Well, I made homemade bread of course... and then hubby and I flew a kite on the beach even though it was freezing cold, overcast and a bit rainy. It was still perfect if you ask me. (well actually, I guess perfect would be warm and sunny with light breezes.)

Can you see the kite? That little thing flying above the pier? Yes, that's it. haha! Not a good photo. It was taken right before the wind came and slammed my kite to the sand! It was pretty while it lasted.

About the bread...I made a loaf of bread on New Years morning (to accompany my annual New Years "Maryland Crab Soup"-which I've made for 4 years in a row now. Traditions traditions. I'm a sucker for them.) and now I plan on making homemade bread every Sunday. It was soooo good!!

Homemade bread... As you most likely already know, there is just nothing else like it. Seriously. Especially when you eat a slice hot out of the oven with organic creamy butter and local drizzled honey on top. YummO! I used the recipe from the Apples for Jam cookbook. It was so easy and quite rewarding. Loved it!

Welcome 2010!
I am glad you are here and will happily grace you with my traditions, old and new.

January 1, 2010 5:13 PM.
{and lastly...A New Years Day Sunset taken on an evening walk with hubby after the rain let up.