Monday, July 14, 2008

Our fabulous honeymoon!

Romance...We spotted it...Lots of it on our honeymoon!
Seriously...The time of our lives! We spent our honeymoon relaxing in warm tropical breezes with our toes sunk deep in the white powdery sand of St. Thomas and St. John. Our beach front resort was absolutely beautiful with breathtaking views of the turquoise Caribbean. We spent our days "Young at Heart" exploring the town and culture of St. Thomas, eating delectable Caribbean cuisine, snorkeling in Trunk Bay (our absolute favorite spot!)... All while enjoying the refreshing and quite tasty "famous" rum runners which are always accompanied with fresh fruit...Just fabulous!

Almost there!!!
This was the view from the plane!

Pulling up to our resort in an open-air taxi !

Right outside of our beach bungalow!

We drank our morning coffee by the sea!

Breathtaking views everywhere!

We explored the island!

We climbed the rocky shore line of the beach!

Just us.

We found this special little restaurant
(Virgilios) tucked away in the town!

The inside of Virgilios was so eclectic with art
hung on every surface of the wall and magnificent
stained glass windows of these dream-like goddesses!
It was too beautiful and interesting not to share!


We went to art galleries!

We went snorkeling in Trunk Bay on St. John!
I can't wait to go back...It's now our most favorite place!

We drank the famous island rum runners
as we relaxed on the beach!

We caught every sunset!

I still can't get over the intense natural beauty
of this place and all of the vibrant colors too!

Waiting for the airport taxi to pick us up.
We were so sad to leave. :(

Goodbye sweet honeymoon!!!
Our vacation dreams did indeed come true! :)


Patrizia said...

I am so happy for you! Your trip looks like it was amazing.

I hope you have many many many more years just as great. Forever!

Ivy said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures! It looks like a happy, romantic place...glad you had a nice honeymoon!

made by molly said...

awesome wedding and honeymoon photos!

Sandra Evertson said...

Wow, I feel like I've been on vacation! Thanks! Beautiful photos!

AmandaMay said...

wow what a beautiful place! Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your wonderful life together, it will not always be peachy but it will be worth living it when done together.

Walk in the Woods said...

So sweet. Truly.

And as one who's been with her spouse for over 30-years I can't help but ring a bell and shout, "Let the games begin!"


Enjoy everything!

esque said...

Aww, what a beautiful honeymoon! May you two be happy forever! :)

Julia said...

I think I would've cried having to come home from such an incredible trip! Thank you so, so much for sharing with us all!

Zuleika said...

Great work.