Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lula tags and Fabulous customers!

I must say, I have the most fabulous customers!
Seriously, they're just ALL fabulous!

Alright, first things first... I wanted to share my new jewelry cards and tags. As some of you may already know,
I'm always coming up with new ways to package my jewelry so it arrives all pretty and such
and so my customers are extra *extra* happy when they get a package from me. :)

{you may remember these tags I made a while back--and still use.}

Here they are..*New shop tags*
Lula Boutique:

So back to my fabulous customers! Well...Here's another quick photo of a pair of earrings all ready to be shipped to a fabulous customer.

OK, by now you're probably thinking "how do you know she's so fabulous?" Well, she's a fellow blogger, repeat customer and she has her own fabulous line of organic facial care products and cosmetics which you can find at her shop, KZM FACIAL CARE BOUTIQUE. I'm really digging the organic part too!

Her divine shop has been featured everywhere including Martha Stewart's Body+Soul Magazine. Now that's fabulous, no?!
{By the way:I just adore that magazine!}

Here's a peek at some products from

Thanks to all of my FABULOUS customers!! You really are fabulous!! XO


Rachel Follett said...

I love it! So gorgeous and special!

Karley said...

Thank you, Lula Boutique :)

I was so in love with your new packaging that I blogged about it yesterday morning :)

By the way, the earrings are FABULOUS!

I love Lula Boutique!

Closet Cravings said...

Your jewelry is beautiful. Your packaging looks darling - love the special touch. Please let me know if you are interested in being a freebie sponsor/gift review. I'd be happy to promote your products with a dedicated blog post and featuring your ad banner on my website. Hope you enjoy browsing closetcravings.com as I've enjoyed looking at yours! =)

georgia b. said...

oh, how did i miss this post before?? i just came back here to check if the link to here in my blogroll worked. {it did!}, and i saw this post. i love the tags! can't wait to check out your boutique.

and the last time i came here, the music did not play, either. i love the music you have on here!