Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maryland Traditions & Thunderstorms

This weekend was a lovely one if you ask me!

We had a Maryland treat right here in Charleston, SC! Steamed blue crabs and ice cold beer! It doesn't get much better than that! (If you are from Maryland or that region...You know exactly what I'm talking about!)

After our feast this happened...

...and it was awesome!

...and then we ran inside to take shelter from the downpour and lightning that filled our beautiful Charleston sky.

So we watched from the patio instead. :)


AmandaMay said...

Yum!! Looks like a treat! Great clouds too, so beautiful!

Julia said...

How gorgeous! I loved that first shot too :)

georgia b. said...

very cool! very neat photos. i love taking pics, too—especially of clouds. i have been taking them a lot on lately of the storm clouds, because we have had so many. i put some of mine on my blog, too—the photo blog.

i also noticed you use the courier font a lot. i love using that on my blogs. it gives it such a neat look, doesn't it?

i see on your profile page that you like the shins, too. they are one of my favorite groups.

well, enough rambling. :)

i love your blog! i'll be adding it to my jorjah-b blogroll.

Chrisy said...

oooooh it sounds wonderful! storms...crabs...beer...heaven!

Andrea ~ Faded Plains said...

Great photos...Gorgeous sky.

The Bath Project said...

Really love your cloud picture! I wish we got rain/thunderstorms in Vegas


Jaimee said...

My In-Laws have their boat at Rock Hall, MD...can't wait to sit at Waterman's this Summer & eat crabs!!!