Friday, February 5, 2010

Romantic February...

Hello February.
( My how you snuck up on me.)

I will tell you, it's all about ROMANCE and grace this month. I want to fill February with pink & red & warmth---maybe fill my wardrobe and home with a little more sas!

Yes, that sounds good.

Maybe I'll put on some red shoes?

If these vintage red heels were my size (just a bit bigger please) I would most definitely snag them!
Ooh...maybe they'll fit you?!
Found at MyCocoonVintage for only $36! Just fabulous!

*gorgeous photo by : skippy designs*
{if I didn't already have a lovely green bike,
I would certainly be cruising around on this PINK one.}

Hope you have a fabulous day!
(maybe with a little sas too!)


Karley said...

OOH, I love the shoes and the bike. So lovely!

Julia said...

Oh, those shoes are fabulous darling!

Anonymous said...

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