Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upper King Design Walk RECAP

The Upper King Design walk 2010 was fabulous! Here is a look at my display for Lula Boutique:{check out that OLD Charleston window in the background. LOVE!!!}

{new handmade jewelry designs in shop now}

Charleston Mag put together some highlights from the night into a video. They stopped by and filmed Lula Boutique jewelry and my thoughts on the event! Yay!!

(Lula Boutique is filmed at 3 min 16 sec) :)

It was a great night! Everyone really seemed to have a fun time. Great shopping, music and cocktails! Thanks to Rachel Gordon for hosting local artists and fashion designers at the event. It was just fabulous!!


Amelia said...

Awwww that looks really cute!!!
I love the necklaces:)


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ellareiss said...

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Vintage Boutique said...

Your displays at the boutique are all good especially the handmade jewelries. I will try to fill in our boutique too.

Mike Rooney said...

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