Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 1981

28 years today!
Who wouldn't want goggles for their 5'TH birthday?!

My 6'TH Birthday back in 1987...Mom decorated with streamers and 90 balloons to be exact. :)

Oh the memories...

Hoping your day was special too.


AmandaMay said...

hooray! happy birthday to you! I hope you had a fabulous day!!! today is my little sister's birthday as well, she is 22.

Rachel Follett said...

So cute! Happy Birthday!

Karley said...

Happy Birthday, Karen.

Kim said...

90 balloons - your mom sounds great - happy birthday!

sarah said...

what cute pics of your birthday, wish I was that young again!

SilverLining Designs said...

Happy Birthday!

georgia b. said...

you are the second blogger birthday i've come across today. the other was 22! i told her what i'll tell you.

first of all,

secondly, i would love to be that young again! {i'm only 9 years older, but i would love to go back to my 20s, as they were the absolute best years of my life so far!} enjoy every single second! i hope your 27th year is your best yet and full of rich blessings.

you made it a quarter of a century! that's awesome! birthday hugs to you!


{ps. love your post and pics.}