Friday, May 7, 2010

Vanity Bench Makeover with Dolce!!

Fabulous fabric makes me want to create and Tanya Whelan's "Dolce" line is so incredibly fabulous.
Her designs are some of my favorites!!

{Me out with sister, shopping for fabric and "inspiration" for a vanity bench makeover!}

I went with this pink and orange geometric number. LOVE it!! Accompanied with a coat of fresh white paint---my little vanity bench will soon be fabulous!!

Fabulous "Dolce" fabric by: Tanya Whelan

Sister shopping and being inspired. I quickly reprimanded her to..."Put that jewelry down, we make our own jewelry!!! ;)

I'll post "before + after" photos of my little vanity bench makeover---fashioning the new "Dolce" next week.

I hope you ALL have a lovely weekend.
See you on Monday!